Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The young child in her bright red cloak who gets lost in the forest, only to be preyed upon and devoured by the big bad wolf.  Red Riding Hood is freed from her fate by a passing Huntsman, who slaughters the In the time when fairy tales served more to caution than to entertain, Little Red Riding Hood was a warning to always follow the marked path, listen to your elders, and never talk to strangers.

The sad, strange story of Elisa Lam mirrors the familiar fairy tale — except in this version, the lost little girl has no Huntsman to come to her rescue and perishes in the belly of the beast of Los Angeles. But who, exactly, is the beast? Is it the ill-fated hotel? A murderous stranger?

Elisa herself?

Episode Highlights:

  • The story of Red Riding Hood
  • The deadly history of the Cecil Hotel
  • Elisa Lam’s peculiar behavior and death
  • Conspiracies & suspicions
  • Supernatural experiences in the Cecil Hotel