Nestled inside Charleston, South Carolina lives a menacing stone monstrosity, often called the most haunted building in America — The Old City Jail. The square upon which the Jail sits has been home to untold amounts of suffering and torture, making it the perfect breeding ground for the supernatural to take hold.

As part of my training and experience as a storyteller and tour guide, I have been visiting haunted locations for the past 19 years. There have been many times that I’ve been in the presence of people having a paranormal encounter, but I had never felt anything myself until the night I decided to enter the Old City Jail. This is part one of my experience, the story of a night that shook me to my very core.

Episode Highlights:

  • My journey into Charleston’s Old City Jail, the most haunted building in America
  • A blood-soaked address
  • Walking through Hell in the Old City Jail — three terrifying tour experiences
  • The woman in the white dress
  • Horror in the Six Mile Wayfarer House
  • Paranormal investigations inside Old City Jail
  • The Devil’s Hour


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