The time between three and four in the morning is said to be the hour when evil is at the height of it’s power — the time when the Devil ascends from Hell and ghosts haunt the land of the living. In part two of my experience of the Devil’s hour inside Charleston’s Old City Jail, I receive a message from Hell itself, and discover the truth about one of the jail’s most famous prisoners — Lavinia Fisher herself.

Episode Highlights:

  • 3 AM inside the Old City Jail
  • Torture chambers, the crane of pain, and the hangman’s lair
  • Lorraine Warren visits the Old City Jail
  • Footsteps in an empty corridor
  • A child behind bars
  • Lavinia Fisher and Daniel Duncan: Old City Jail’s famous residents
  • An exploration to the third floor
  • My conversation with Bruce Orr: The truth about Lavinia Fisher


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