The White House: In all it’s glory, from the immaculately-kept gardens to the walls hung with priceless art, is an icon of American history and power. Home to every President since 1800, the White House is seen as a safe haven for the President and their family.

Not even the heavy iron fence that borders the grounds of the White House can keep dark magic from harming its inhabitants. A curse muttered on a bloodied battlefield in 1812 has left over a hundred years of Presidents scared for their lives, but has the debt finally been paid?

Episode Highlights:

  • Strange sights in the Lincoln Bedroom
  • The tall tales and magical powers of Tenskwatawa
  • A dark prophecy
  • Lincoln’s bloody presidency
  • Tainted water in the Presidential glass
  • Mediums and seances in the White House
  • Dreams of an ominous voyage
  • A row of white headstones in the Presidential cemetery
  • A debt is paid


The History Goes Bump Podcast, Episode 162: The White House


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