In Native American folklore, there was a dark creature that possessed the mind and body of men, instilling within them a great hunger for human flesh. The Wendigo was feared by tribes throughout what is now North America and Canada as stories of bloodshed and terror spread across the continent. Picture it: Your best friend, your husband, your sister — crouched down and feasting upon the flesh of someone you love.

It’s been many, many years since a Wendigo was rumoured to be wreaking havoc, but are they truly gone for good?

Episode Highlights:

  • Origins of the Wendigo
  • Fear and blood at the Hungry Hall outpost
  • Tales from Native American folklore
  • Swift Runner: A man possessed
  • What lurks beneath the surface of the lake
  • Hunting a monster
  • Psychosis or a wendigo?


Dangerous Spirits: The Wendigo in Myth and History by Shawn Smallman

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