The Salisbury Plain is the name for the 300 miles of grasslands located in Wiltshire, England. Home to Stonehenge, a rich history, and a wide variety of plants and animals, the Salisbury Plain is one of the most famous locations in England. For the residents of Wiltshire, however, the area is notorious for more than its archaeological features and mystical energy. The great grassy plains of Salisbury border the mansions of Wiltshire, whose walls are painted in blood and sorrow.  In these great houses, the dead refuse to rest.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Monuments of Wiltshire County
  • The beautiful maiden in Avebury Manor and the Grey Lady: Ghosts searching for lost loves
  • Midwife of death
  • Spiders, cats, and the Spanish Lady
  • Goody Orchard’s curse
  • The legend of the Salisbury hare
  • Murder in the Road Hill House


Haunted Wiltshire by Sonia Smith


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